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FREEFONE 0800 3 247 046 for details

We have several different options for booking a Drama Activity Holiday, and once you have decided which you would like to follow, we will require certain kinds of information

In all cases, we will need the name (or names, where another member of the same family or a friend, is part of the same booking) of the child(ren), their age and sex, and whether they have any particular dietary or other special requirements (eg., whether they have any medical regime to follow such as Insulin for Diabetes, or similar), or any other information you may like us to know. All personal information is encrypted before being sent to us and is kept on a secure server, and is for the sole use of Centre Stage Summer Drama Holidays. It is not passed onto any third party (including WorldPay) under any circumstances.

Ways to book:  

Go to Online Booking

We use a totally secure server for our booking facility, sensitive data is encypted before being sent to us, and a secure Credit or Debit Card Payment facility is provided by WorldPay.
When you click the Book Online option you will be taken to our online booking store, where you will find descriptions of the holidays, and various option to select from, including: the type of holiday eg residential or non residential; the week you would like to come; and whether a discount (eg Family or Early Booking) is applicable or not. After making your choice you will be taken to a 'Shopping Basket' page where you can check your booking or change it. You will then be taken to a Booking Page on the secure Server, where details of those attending will need to be entered. Finally clicking 'Book Holiday will take you to WorldPay's Credit Card pages, again on a secure server, where you will need to complete payment. You will then receive a letter from us confirming the Booking Details with us, and your payment.
By Telephone

Freefone (UK)
0800 3 247 046

+44 28 9077 8099

You may opt to pay by cheque, or with a secure Credit or Debit Card facility provided by WorldPay.
If you wish to book by telephone , we will take all the details from you, including, if you chose to pay by credit card, your card details. If you choose to pay by cheque we will require a cheque for the minimum deposit of 10% within seven days before we confirm your booking. The remainder of the amount is due on or before the starting date of your chosen holiday. You will then receive a letter from us confirming the Booking Details with us, and your Credit Card Payment.
By Booking Form

Request a Booking Form

You may opt to pay by cheque, or with a secure Credit Card facility provided by WorldPay.
When we receive a booking form from you we will send you a letter confirming your booking and any payment you may have made. If you are paying by cheque, you will need to send a minimum deposit of 10% of the cost of whatever holiday you are booking, before any discounts are applied. If paying by credit or debit card, please enter clearly the amount you are paying, whether the minimum 10% deposit or the full cost of the holiday. You will then receive a letter from us confirming the Booking Details with us, and your payment.
We can arrange to collect children coming from outside Northern Ireland at Belfast International, Belfast City, or Eglinton airports, or the Larne or Belfast Ferry Terminals. If you think you would like this option, for children old enough to travel solo by air or sea ferry, please indicate this, either by selecting the option on the final booking page of the Online Booking Form, or additionally with your mailed Booking Form. We will then contact you by e-mail or phone to arrange the precise details of times, dates, and security matters, such as liaison with Port or Airport Customer Care Staff, agreed recognition procedures and passwords. There is a small additional charge for this service.
Once you have made your booking, you may at any time within seven days of the date of booking, cancel your booking without penalty by writing to us confirming your cancellation. You will then be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid by you to us.
Finally, if you need any further help or information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Contact Details are as follows:
                             Centre Stage Summer Drama Holidays
                             11 Hopefield Avenue
                             Belfast BT15 5AP
     FREEFONE (UK) :-        0800 3 247 046
     TELEPHONE :-            +44 (0)28 9077 8099
     FAX :-                  +44 (0)28 9028 3749
     EMAIL :-                admin@summerdrama.co.uk

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