After making your Booking
When we have taken your booking and required payment you will then receive a confirmation/invoice detailing your booking. If you think anything is incorrect please contact us straight away. All correspondence will be with the person named on the confirmation invoice who accepts the following conditions on behalf of all participants.
Your final payment
The balance of your account is payable 4 (four) weeks before the start date of the holiday. For bookings made on the internet, or by telephone,please note that full payment is required at time of purchase.

Discounts and Offers
Discounts may be offered from time to time on the cost of a holiday. Where more than one discount is available, only one discount shall apply to each booking, although that discount will always be the highest applicable.

Cancellations and Refunds
In the event of a cancellation by the customer, the following Refund Policy will apply:
(Note: we are allowed by law to retain a deposit to cover any reasonable administration costs if you cancel your booking within seven days of the date of your making the booking; you should notify us of your intention to cancel in writing within seven days.) 
Within 7 days of the date of Booking: Any monies paid, less a minimum deposit of £30.00  
After 7 days from date of booking, and more than 56 days before the booked holiday: 80% of all monies paid. 
After 7 days from date of booking, and between 56 and 29 days before the booked holiday: 50% of all monies paid. 
After 7 days from date of booking, and less than 29 days before the booked holiday: No refund is normally payable.
In the event of cancellation by Centre Stage Summer Drama Holidays, or inability to supply the required holiday, Centre Stage Summer Drama Holidays will endeavour to offer an alternative date. Failing that, we will fully refund all monies paid in respect of the holiday.

Responsible Parent or Guardian
The person making the booking, whether through online booking, by telephone, or a posted booking form, must be the legal parent or guardian of the child, or in the case of any additional child(ren) not the legal responsibility of the person making the booking, must have the written authority of the legal parent(s) or guardian(s) of the additional child(ren) to make the booking on their behalf. We will need to have this written authority before the start of the holiday for such additional children.
Improper Behaviour
Centre Stage Summer Drama Holidays reserves the right to refuse or exclude any person at any time prior to or during the camps if in the opinion of Centre Stage Summer Drama Holidays that person is incompatible with the general well being and safe running of the camps. No refunds will be given in such an event and any costs incurred, including any damage, will be passed on to the parents/guardians. Parents/guardians will be responsible for the collection of the person or for all transport costs in connection with that person returning home.

Centre Stage Summer Drama Holidays does not accept liability for personal injury or the death of any participant unless caused by the proven negligence of Centre Stage Summer Drama Holidays or its servants. Centre Stage Summer Drama Holidays does not accept any liability for the loss or damage of any property belonging to participants, and will not take charge of personal items left behind at the end of a holiday.
Centre Stage Summer Drama Holidays accepts no responsibility for losses or additional expenses in the event of cancellation or change due to delays in travel services, strikes, disasters, war or the threat of war, quarantine, weather, sickness or any event outside the control of the company.
The contract between us is governed by The Law of Northern Ireland and any dispute will be dealt with under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Northern Ireland.